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  • What it´s Puri Puri Tales?
    Bookshop and store based in London dedicate to promote childrens reading from earlier stage in Spanish. It´s a space dedicated to bilingüal families or spanish speakers. Sensory activities in Spanish include book reading and sing songs for kids and parents. From babies from 6 months till 8 years. We have done three events, where people from all nationalities came to sing along with the kids in Spanish (Focus in Latin America and Spanish Culture). Es una librería online en Londres, dedicada a promover la literatura infantil en español. ún espacio para ayudar los padres de familia bilingües o que hablen español. En nuestra sesiones antes de la pandemia: sesión de cuentacuentos y música en vivo en Español con actividades sensoriales para niños desde bebés hasta niños de 8 años. Hemos realizado ya tres eventos donde familias de diferentes nacionalidades han venido a disfrutar consus hijos en Español. (Enfocado en Latinoamérica)
  • Books Policy return how may days and how I can returnt it?
    If you like to retunt a book you have 15 days, Puri Puri Tales doesn´t paid for the return back to our address. The client have to rerturnt back possible with tracking number.
  • What it´s a Video family compilation?
    Do you have a lot of video of your little ones on your phone or computer? Would you like to create a compilation video and see with all your family ? We can make magic with all your lovely memories. Family video compilation it’s short video (1-10 minutes) with your favourite music. You send all the rushes and we put it together for you. We created a video memory for life. Perfect and original gift for special occasions: like Mother’s Day, Fathers days or Birthdays. Example: the first year or you baby. Link for examples upon request. Price: from 180-300 £ Variable of the length of the video.
  • Do you offer your show in private events like kids birthdays or others?
    Yes! We can do private show with will be one musician (cuatro player) and host who will be the storyteller. We have a selection of Spanish books to different shows.
  • What type of photography Puri Puri Tales offer?
    Family Photography: new born, family portrait, birthday parties, christening, babyshower, communions, etc) To see all the extend example request a private link. We respect out clients confidenciality and don´t publish all the kids photos in our Social Media and Website. (we only public photos with the permission for the parents for promotional purpose of our services).
  • Are you doing workshops in Spanish?
    Yes, for 2020-21 we are planning amazing workshops like painting, books creation, photography for kids and much more. Drop us an email to send you interest . We love to do Zoom session about different topics.
  • PRE LOVE section books
    Book Descriptions: Sellers should provide accurate and detailed descriptions of the books they are selling, including the book's title, author, edition, condition, and any notable damage or markings. Pricing and Payment: The price of the book, payment methods accepted, and any additional fees, such as shipping costs, should be clearly stated. Condition of Books: The condition of the book, whether it's new, like new, good, acceptable, or heavily worn, should be clearly communicated. Sellers should provide photographs. This is mandatory. Return Policy: Sellers should specify their return policy, including any conditions for returns and the timeframe in which returns are accepted in this case Would not be responsible for the delivery or return of the pre loved books. Shipping and Delivery: Terms regarding shipping costs, delivery times, and shipping methods should be provided. Buyers should be aware of any additional costs associated with shipping to their location. Also the delivery will be done in no more that two weeks but the owner of the pre loved book. it's only the publisher on the website. Privacy and Data: Sellers and platforms may collect personal information; the terms should outline how this information is handled and protected. Dispute Resolution: A mechanism for resolving disputes, such as through customer support or a third-party mediator, should be outlined in the terms and conditions. Liability: The terms should specify the responsibilities and liabilities of both the buyer and the seller in various situations, including any guarantees or warranties provided for the books. Prohibited Items: Certain books or materials may be prohibited from sale, and this should be made clear in the terms and conditions. Intellectual Property: Sellers should ensure that they have the right to sell the books, and buyers should be aware of any copyright or trademark restrictions related to the materials. Age Restrictions: Some books may have age restrictions or content warnings, and these should be communicated in the terms. We only accept CHILDREN Books, bilingual children's books Spanish-English, and parenting books in both languages. Platform-Specific Rules: it's only the platform to connect sellers with pre-loved books and the possible buyer for this books. the Seller will fill a form with all the details (Name of the book, isbn, photos of the book, condition of the book) and accept the terms and conditions that involve a contribution of 1.50 pounds when the book it's sold. The seller will received a notification with the delivery details. The seller is responsable to send the books in no more that two weeks. The SELLER will choose to add the money from the sell to buy new books in or request the pay transfer of the transaction onces the book it's deliver to the new owner. This transaction will be by bank transfer or paypal after the new owner received the pages. The seller have to send the confirmation of the delivery. Jurisdiction and Governing Law: The terms should specify the jurisdiction that governs any legal disputes and the laws that apply. Remember that it's essential to carefully read and understand the terms and conditions before engaging in any transaction involving pre-loved books. If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to reach out to the seller or the platform for clarification. Additionally, consider using secure payment methods when making purchases and ensuring that your personal information is handled in a secure and private manner.
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